Premixes are a mix of minerals, vitamins and other nutritional feed additives including trace elements to complete the balance of the animal feed

Our premixes are designed to cover the nutritional demands of different animal species through our qualified nutrition team who are ready to serve you with the highest quality premixes  

Highest technology level is implanted to exceed the international standards in terms of safety and efficiency and quality premixes


More Than Premixing

We develop and produce customized premixes to comply our customer needs and expectations within the nutritional demands of the animal

Highest grade raw materials from accredited supplier to manufacture a quality premix result in uppermost performance, healthy natural development of the animal 

Carry over procedure to assure quality of premix and secure production process


Maximize Health and Performance

Our products deliver the optimum level of vitamins and minerals required for the healthy development of the animal and better immunity; better health results in higher profit

The Right Balance of Premixing

We can help you achieving the right balance of your required premix of vitamin & mineral, amino acids to meet your specific requirements or can advise on the most appropriate specification

Premix to Win   

  • Defining the optimal nutritional requirements of livestock production                                                                
  • Selection of best quality raw materials & ingredients                                                                                                     
  • Formulation & optimization                                                                                 
  • Higher quality safe Premix


                           1- Poultry                         


                         3- Aquaculture

                        4- Horse