Animal Nutrition

High quality preforming economically feasible feed of your animal   (poultry, ruminant, aquatic animal and others) achieved through our extended expert nutritionists based on high quality raw material purchased from qualified suppliers assure healthy natural development of your animal. 

-Balanced Formulation

Carried by qualified nutritionist with real practice in field formulate the feed ration upon nutritional requirement recommendation to guarantee the optimum performance.

-Feeding Performance 

Establishing the right nutrient requirements and a feed strategy is easily achieved through accredited well trained nutritionist assure the optimum performance of the animal

Optimum performance; easily accomplished by choosing high quality raw materials, adequate required nutrients, good management and hygienic solution  


Our Specialty of Animal Nutrition includes feed for

 1- Broiler                 2- Layer                     3-Parent stock        4-Turkey  

1-Rabbits     2-Pigeons      3-Others