About Al-Estesharia

Back in 2006, Alestesharia for poultry & feed company was established aiming to become a leader player in animal nutrition in the Jordanian market and surrounding area; by a group of expert nutritionists who have been in this filed since 70`s.

Today, a qualified team of more than 100 employees available to support our customer success; as each one of them is unique!



High quality preforming economically feasible feed of your animal (poultry, ruminant, aquatic animal and others) achieved through our extended expert nutritionists based on high quality raw material purchased from qualified suppliers assure healthy natural development of your animal.

Services & Technical Support

Laboratory Service
Analytical Procedures
Interpretation of Analytical Results
Consulting support


Premixes are a mix of minerals, vitamins and other nutritional feed additives including trace elements to complete the balance of the animal feed

Our premixes are designed to cover the nutritional demands of different animal species through our qualified nutrition team who are ready to serve you with the highest quality premixes  

Highest technology level is implanted to exceed the international standards in terms of safety and efficiency and quality premixes

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